Fei Liu


The return of Britain’s Got Talent is always a thrilling affair, not only for the incredible talents showcased but also for the fashion statements made by the judges. Among them, Amanda Holden consistently steals the spotlight with her impeccable style, and this season is no exception. What caught the eye of many viewers and fashion enthusiasts alike were the stunning pieces of jewellery adorning Holden.

Join us in looking back at the statement pieces Holden has adorned throughout the auditions and live shows. From stand-out earrings that glimmer in the stage lights to statement rings that command attention, Fei Liu’s creations perfectly complement Holden’s elegant aesthetic.

  • Dress: Robert Cavalli
  • Jewellery: Fei Liu Whispering, H, Stern
  • Dress: Safiyaa
  • Jewellery: Fei Liu
  • Dress: Mugler
  • Jewellery: Fei Liu