Carpe Diem

Celebrate love and life with the sparkling jewels of Carpe Diem. This signature collection comprises explosive firework-inspired tiara, necklaces, earrings and more.

Couture Jewellery

Every creation begins with an idea. Whether you have a strong vision of what you want, or heirloom you want to give a new live, then we are happy to help. Each jewel is tailored to celebrate the beauty of each person’s individuality. All the while uplosting Fei’s ethos of colour, sculpture and wearability.

Flower Inspired Jewellery

Your Favourite Collections

Award-Winning Jewellery Designer, Fei Liu

Eponymous brand Fei Liu Fine Jewellery was founded in 2006 by award-winning jewellery designer Fei Liu. The heart of each creation is designed from our home in the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Each piece is specially designed to celebrate the beauty of individuality while evoking Fei’s aesthetic of colour, sculpture and wearability. Our jewellery takes the luxury aspect of Fei’s bespoke jewellery masterpieces and capsulise into attainable luxury for everyday women. Get to know Fei better on the about page.

Limited Edition Jewellery

Special pieces that stand out from the rest and are very special one-of-a-kind designs that need a special place to shine! All the gemstones are specially handpicked for our limited edition pieces, therefore they cannot be replicated and are exclusive to you.

One-Off Opal Jewellery